Integration of sustainability into a project is becoming common practice within many municipalities. Ruth Victor & Associates has the background to assist you in achieving these green objectives for a project in balance with other objectives for your development proposal.

Sustainablity Planning

  • Town of Milton Eco-tech Village Pilot Project
  • Living City Centre, Toronto Region Conservation Authority
  • Affordability and Choice Today—Federation of Canadian Municipalities: Report on Encouraging Alternative Development Standards




  • Speaking engagements include:
  • Environment Canada Conference on Building Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Canadian Institute of Planners Conference on Building Communities
  • Kyoto and Sprawl Conference on Sustainable Design
  • NHRC/OPPI Sustainable Planning and Development Workshops for Small Communities




  • Published reports include:
  • The Town of Milton Eco-Tech Village Pilot Project CMHC Research Report on Making Choices Towards Sustainability
  • ACT/FCM Report: Encouraging Alternative Development Standards
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