Between the birth of a concept and a finished project often lies a long and complicated road, strewn with obstacles. At each stage, approvals are obtained and community sensitivities and concerns considered in order to achieve a successful result.


Complex journeys can be simplified through the use of an experienced and qualified guide, and on the urban planning journey that guide is Ruth Victor & Associates. Founded in 2001, the firm has built its reputation as a boutique urban planning consultancy on the expertise of its team. Ruth Victor & Associates are skilled in the art of making and cultivating contacts in all stakeholder areas, which they bring to bear on behalf of clients — and this has been a major factor in their clients’ many successes.


The team is actively involved with all of their clients’ projects, bringing their expertise and judgement to all aspects of each one. Creating a new vision such as a sustainable community or a new policy framework on an issue requires the building of consensus, finding opportunities and bringing a pragmatic, realistic approach to what can be achieved.


Any given development will be subject to a wide variety of constraints and limitations that may not be apparent or understood. It takes a practical and insightful approach to not only navigate through them but to proceed in a way that creates a high value, workable solution. Responding effectively to these issues and charting a path through the bureaucracies can be difficult and time consuming. Ruth Victor & Associates have a long record of success in moving their clients’ applications through the process with a minimum of delay and frustration.


There are times, however, when a project approval requires complex negotiations. When this happens, clients can place their confidence in Ruth Victor’s track record of success at the Ontario Municipal Board and other tribunals in over 100 hearings and other negotiations.


Planning is never simple. If you need help breaking through the intimidating red tape and complexity of the process, you need Ruth Victor & Associates.

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