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If you know that a developer, property owner or planning consultant in the province of Ontario, is considering developing or redeveloping within 400 metres of a provincial highway, (400 series freeway or Highway toll road 407), no matter how large or small, they should meet with Gregory Roszler first for a brief pre-consultation to clear up any concerns and unknowns about the MTO “black hole”.


It’s been his experience working at the Ministry of Transportation that developers/owners intending to develop have gone ahead and applied for rezoning or subdividing prior to consulting with MTO. In some cases they find out too late that they have very strict rules regarding access, drainage, highway setbacks and necessary costly highway improvements to be paid for by the developer/owner. The MTO will delay issuance of their permits for construction until all their requirements are satisfied causing costly and unnecessary delays.

Gregory Roszler - Ministry of Transportation (MTO)

image001As a former Senior Project Manager with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s Corridor Management, Greg was responsible for the technical review of major proposed commercial and residential developments along the provincial King’s highways and freeways, and recommending any required highway improvements. Greg ensured that any proposed highway improvements resulting from developments were in compliance with current MTO standards, policies and practises. He also spent many years with MTO’s Highway Engineering Section as an experienced highway design technician, working on the planning design of provincial highway projects, including Highway 407.


Greg will review and analyze proposed commercial and residential site plans, Plans of Subdivisions, and municipal Rezoning/OPA amendment applications. He will identify and suggest possible solutions to highway design issues relating to highway entrances, traffic, drainage, geometric design and highway signage. Greg will meet with clients as well as MTO and municipal engineering staff to evaluate design alternatives, and find acceptable solutions enabling MTO issuance of Building/Land Use permits.


Greg is open-minded and flexible with a positive attitude and would welcome an opportunity to use his knowledge, skills, and many years of MTO experience to help resolve MTO related issues.

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